Google to be anchor tenant at Toronto innovation hub – government source

TORONTO (Reuters) – Alphabet Inc, the owner of Google, will be the anchor tenant at a site being developed on Toronto’s waterfront by local and federal governments, and will move Google’s Canada headquarters to the facility, a source said on Tuesday. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will announce the agreement in Toronto on Tuesday with […] Read more »

Helpful Steps To Stand Out From Other Music Competitors

Upcoming music groups will find it impossible to get many fans while they are still new in the industry. However, your band will gain a lot of popularity if at all you put in some effort to withstand the challenge you will meet from other musicians. Read more »

Practical Ways On How Musicians Distribute Their Music

Way back in those days, marketing your own music was a very hard task to do and hence this is what failed many upcoming artists. As time went on, technology improved and now it's not hard to distribute your music. Read more »

Key To Web Marketing: Making Extraordinary Out Of Something Ordinary

Can you put your brain into a test and think up of a strange and completely out of the blues ways of saying something? Have you not seen photos that are so hard to understand what they are yet they are a picture of common objects like kitchen taps? Read more »

Getting To Know About This Exciting New Search Engine Called Google Caffeine

A friend of mine had recently asked me if I knew anything about Google Caffeine, at the time all that came to mind was coffee beans. I took some time and did some research on Google Caffeine and as it turns out it is an upcoming Google search engine. As a consumer, I took a great interest in this project. Read more »

Some Ways To Market A Product On The Web

With the rising popularity of ecommerce, more and more people are scrambling to put up an Internet business. If you are interested in investing in an Internet business, here are a few tips you might use to sell a product: Read more »

A Good Web Designer Puts Into Consideration The Needs And Wants Of Users

As a person who has been using internet for a long time and knowing it very well, you must have at times wondered if you have had the talent to become a web designer yourself. In fact, it is not impossible as internet is in your daily use and you do know what a newbie or average user might want or have had experienced. Read more »

Google Trends Is A New Tool That Helps You To Compare And Anayze Popular Keywords

Almost everyone is familiar with the internet and its available applications. We can find virtually any information necessary through search engines. Because there are so many aspects in search engines, there are more and more applications produced to help. Read more »