China web firms vow to curb 'harmful' information

China web firms vow to curb 'harmful' information BEIJING — The heads of China's largest Internet and technology firms have vowed to stop the "spread of harmful information" on the web after attending a three-day government workshop, state media said Sunday. Nearly 40 companies, including e-commerce … Read more on AFP AP Exclusive: CIA following […] Read more »

Getting To Know About This Exciting New Search Engine Called Google Caffeine

A friend of mine had recently asked me if I knew anything about Google Caffeine, at the time all that came to mind was coffee beans. I took some time and did some research on Google Caffeine and as it turns out it is an upcoming Google search engine. As a consumer, I took a great interest in this project. Read more »

Google Trends Is A New Tool That Helps You To Compare And Anayze Popular Keywords

Almost everyone is familiar with the internet and its available applications. We can find virtually any information necessary through search engines. Because there are so many aspects in search engines, there are more and more applications produced to help. Read more »

Phone Software Are Great Strategy To Popularize Your Brand

A majority of iPhone users or those who are at least fans of the iPhone know that there are many independent software developers that have made many of the apps for the iPhone available. There are also many of you out there that may have been seriously considering developing your own iPhone apps. Read more »

More People Need To Understand How Important Data Relocation Can Be To The Average Corporation.

The goal of this article will be to help readers understand exactly why a growing number of companies are starting to trust data relocation services. Such services can be invaluable to the average corporation no matter what size it is. Many companies are out there, and they are willing to assist corporations with these services. This can be easily discovered through even a simple web search. Read more »