Getting To Know About This Exciting New Search Engine Called Google Caffeine

A friend of mine had recently asked me if I knew anything about Google Caffeine, at the time all that came to mind was coffee beans. I took some time and did some research on Google Caffeine and as it turns out it is an upcoming Google search engine. As a consumer, I took a great interest in this project.

Although the new search engine is still in the development stages, there is a beta version Google has made available for a users to try out.

I decided to take this new Google Caffeine beta and give a test drive myself. I compared the beta to the original Google search engine and at this point did not find much difference. However, there was an improvement in the speed and accuracy.

To start off, try comparing the speed of the two search engines. Use just one word and when you get the search results do the same with the newer beta version to compare the difference in how fast it returns results.

I am confident you will find as I did that the beta version is faster than the original search engine was.

The next thing was to try out the accuracy of the search results between the two. Google Caffeine was indeed more accurate with the return results than what the original Google search engine returned. The original returned more results that were called blended search options.

While for general users this may bring a peace of mind, there are other things that others could be more concerned about. The interruption of keywords can affect the search results and can also affect the rank of the pages that it returns.

With this in mind, it might be a good idea for bloggers to maximize the potential of their blogs and websites to be sure that their pages still turn up in the results. Thankfully, this is just a beta for everyone to try out.

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