Google Study Finds Enterprises Who Trust The Cloud Beyond Cutting Costs See Revenue Growth

38% of enterprise IT organizations have adopted cloud computing, projected to increase to 45% by 2019. Enterprises with very high trust in cloud technology overall cite a 9.1% profit rise versus 1% by the low-trust group. 62% of respondents who note high cloud trust consider it a competitive advantage. Concerns over security, regulatory and compliance issues, and inability to integrate with existing on-premise systems are the three primary barriers hold back cloud computing adoption in enterprises today. 



Samsung’s New Gear VR Only Costs $100

Samsung has been an early adopter of virtual reality, creating headsets that use its massive smartphone screens as VR displays. Now, the company has announced its third iteration of Gear VR, compatible with the S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, and the Note 5, for only $ 100.

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This Uber-Popular USB Battery Pack Probably Costs Less Than Your Lunch

KMASHI’s cheap battery packs are some of the most popular items we’ve ever posted, and their well-reviewed 10,000mAh model is back down to just $ 9 today (with code MHLSNM2R), matching all-time low.

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Printing Technology Has Advanced To Allow Personal Design Programs For Casual Designers

These days, small businesses are really dictating how much access we have to low cost printed materials due to inexpensive tech.

These days, small businesses are really dictating how much access we have to low cost printed materials due to inexpensive tech.

Whenever there are advances in technology, there are always new beneficiaries. In the area of printing, new technology has brought about the decline in the prices of printers and as a result, individual designers can now have their own machines to print out brochures that they have designed.

It is often that you will find a business choosing to outsource the process of designing and setting the layout of a brochure to another company. This calls for huge bucks.

True, the design companies will be justified for charging those high figures. However, you do not have to run to them every time you want a brochure designed. You may be a smaller business and do not have the luxury for that. There are alternatives that will cost much less.

There are individual designer who can charge much less when it is time for you to get the jobs done. Have in mind that many small businesses will always give you services at a discounted rate because there is a chance that they are just starting up. It is a matter of letting them know what your budget ca handle and then reaching a compromise.

The other trick is to print the design yourself. Really, all you need is to get some business to do the design for you and then carry it in your flash disk. These days, it is really cheap to do a color copy. It is not the way it was a while back. Therefore, if you have a printer, there is no need to pay someone else to do the printing.

Finally, you should also consider doing all that stuff on your own. This can be a very tough option to follow but with a little practice, you will be ready to go. Choose user-friendly brochure design software and start learning how to operate it.

With all these options, you surely cannot fail to get brochures ready for circulation. Settle for materials that will market your small business without having to leave your office.

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