Windows Password Reset

In you’ve got to Reset Windows administrator Password, then you may need the password reset disk. In order to log onto your computer using the reset disk, you need to take these steps. If your machine was or currently is utilized as a domain member, you’ll want to use the procedure for a domain section. Otherwise the following steer you as you reset that password. Theses steps work for the pro and home editions of XP.

to begin, you should restart the computer. In the startup process, the login screen for XP will open. At this time, you should choose the right user name and press the enter key.

When you are prompted to go into the question mark to get the password hint or to use the reset disk, first try the password hint. The hint might be enough that you are able to remember your password and not need to use the reset disk. If not, then select the magician for password reset.

When the PC prompts you, press next and insert the disk into the drive and press next again.

The computer should drive you to enter a new password into the box and then enter it a second time. Be certain that you jot down a note of the new password and keep it in a safe place. With this password, lower and upper case letters are significant, so be certain that you copy everything down correctly to avoid being forced to reset the password again.

The program will next prompt you for a new password hint. Choose a hint that may help you to remember what you selected.

Press the finish button and log onto windows for a second time.

There are more techniques to reset the password, so if this does not work, try one of those

If you fall under Problems with how to reset windows password, you must read the data we have here in the resource box. You will learn more about how to Reset Windows administrator Password and more from the following links.

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