Top 3 Computer Repair Customer Mistakes – Teaching Customers Regarding How To Care For Their Computers

I own and operate a computer IT consulting and fix business. My first job is to make the customers’ computers work well and hassle free. I revealed that almost all of my job is in educating customers concerning how to take care of their computers before issues pop up. A big part of that is pointing them in the right direction.

1. Throw more modern and faster hardware at the issue.

When ever I sit down with a customer to chat about their computers Problems they always seem to ask if they require a new and quicker computer. In a few cases this is true but i have found that about eighty p.c of the time they don’t need a new PC. The majority of the time their PC is fine. In reality most business computer users don’t have huge computer hardware requirements at all . Most business software is written to an older computer because they are much more common in the workplace. Software designers tend to write software that works on the biggest number of PCs possible . The most typical reason for slow down on a customers PC is viruses and all of the programs that mechanically start when the computer first turns on.

2. Add a bigger hard drive or clean old programs that are new off a tough drive to give the computer more “memory”.

i have been asked to get rid of stuff from a customers hard drive to free up memory in the computer. I’ve seen customers remove so much from the hard drive that Windows won’t work because they removed some kind of system file. If you’re searching for a smother running computer I’d suggest putting in the maximum amount of RAM in an older computer.

3. Running more than one antivirus programme multiple firewall programs and spy ware removal systems.

Having a handful of spy ware, virus, and firewalls running on a computer doesn’t keep it free of viruses and spy ware better than one programme. Actually it’ll slow down any computer to a crawl by each one of these programs running and starting up in the back ground.

Keeping a computer easy by installing just what you need is the best way to having a great running PC. Most users that have issues install many programs on their computers. Many of these programs were selected to start up mechanically when the PC turns on, and they continue to run in the background for the entire PC session. If you keep it simple and limit the amount of programs installed, and the programs that start up when Windows starts you should have a very good shot a hit with your PCs.

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