The Science of Getting Rich

It seems like everybody has their own theory on how to hold up the recession. Just some of the kind of stuff you’ll see across the internet and blogosphere is advice like:

1. Protect your job
2. While others are distracted, move
3. Earn extra money
4. Assess your mortgage
5. High interest credit cards should be refinanced
6. Keep down spending
7. Haggle your way to savings
8. Conserve and reduce your energy bills
9. Unnecessary debt should be avoided

I really couldcontinue on to reach 99 just to represent the saying, “99 ways to skin a cat”. But I don’t want to waste your time.If you Google it yourself, every Tom, Dick and Harry out there, has hundreds more advice tips to add to the list of 99.

So let me get straight to the point.

With so much advice and various ways how come not everyone gets rich? How come not everyone who reduces their spending gets rich? How come not everyone who has an education gets rich? How come not everyone who starts a commercial enterprise gets rich?

Because it’s not just about what you do, it’s about how you do it. Because while there are 99 ways to skin a cat, if you don’t do it RIGHT — whichever method you have elected — it will not give RESULTS.

So what is the ONE right thing that you need to do to get rich?

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