Eset Smart Security – Protection against all Known and unknown threats

The team at ESET have done it again by providing a comprehensive and excellent security solution which integrates personal or business use with internet security giving you total system protection. The Eset NOD32 antivirus and antispyware engine is known for its efficiency and speed, until recently there was simply no way to improve upon the already amazing software. Now, with powerful antispam and personal firewall functionality the Eset Smart Security product is literally an all in one solution that will surely eclipse the majority of the market leaving other products scrambling to catch up.

If you have used Eset software in the past then you already know how efficient and lightning fast the NOD32 engine is, but if not you are in for a welcomed surprise. From the first scan you know you have an industry leading product.

Eset Smart Security provides many features and benefits:

  • Proactive protection against threats that are known and unknown providing maximum protection on a heightened scale. Eset Smart Security will block unknown threats much quicker and faster then most other Internet security technologies.
  • Integrated and powerful anti-spam and personal firewall keeps you safe while online
  • Cleans Internet traffic and e-mail even when SSL-encrypted
  • Stops threats found on removable devices such as USB storage allowing you to confidently share files
  • Self defense system to prevent malware from altering or modifying your protection to allow entry automatically
  • Small file updates which run discreetly in the background ensuring little effect on system performance

The personal firewall that comes with Eset Smart Security is an advanced and impressive addition to the already excellent track record that Eset has established in the security industry. There are plenty of options upon installation which allow a user to choose how they want the firewall to perform. From the novice user to power user you can be confident that you are completely covered. The new learning mode is capable of defining a personal firewall profile almost automatically as you use your computer needing very little input but providing tremendous protection. The options for power users also provide advanced users with total control over the firewall and applications which are allowed to have an incoming or outgoing connection.

There are Trusted Zone Authentication features that allow identification of trusted network zones by a configurable combination of many different unique aspects of the network such as host/DNS/DHCP server IP address, wireless SSID numbers etc. You can setup secure authentication into a network using Eset Authentication Server.

All in all, Eset Smart Security is a feature rich program which benefits the user in many ways and provides comprehensive security coverage to many different types of computer users. The upgraded antispam filter and removable media security features are a nice addition to the software which provides that extra coverage making the value for Eset Smart Security through the roof. The SysInspector and SysRescue features put ice on the cake by providing a total solution even if your machine somehow gets infected, you can create bootable media using the Eset software which allows you to recover your machine. The Eset team thought of everything and managed to include all the features you would expect as well as a few extra into this software while maintaining the speed accuracy and dependability that has made the Eset name a respected one amongst the internet security industry and certainly one to consider when you buy antivirus.

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