Ecologically Friendly Computer Repair System And E-Recycling

Green PC maintenance System and a bit of advice for e-recycling which is a big topic nowadays. PCs, cell phones, and similar equipment are going into our land fills. And these elements contain environmentally dangerous materials like lead, mercury, and cadmium.

These threatening substances once in the ground can leach into water supplies and other urgent and fragile environmental systems. It is estimated that over one hundred thousand PC systems are being dropped a day in this country.

That’s not a year or month ; this is a day, so it is an issue everyone needs to address for the sake of our environment. There are many ways in which you can help in reducing the possibility of environmental harm. For example, if you’re replacing your computer, you can donate your old one to a college or non-profit agency. Or you can list if for sale to in a web classified. If you donate it, realize that unless it’s a moderately current model, it might not be accepted.

If you’re trying to sell it, remember people are searching for bargains on used components and so not expect to make a large profit from the sale of your old computer.

Many communities have e-recycling days where the town will prepare for somebody to drive thru the neighborhood and collect old PCs or they set up a central location in your neighborhood where you can take all your old components for recycling.

If your community is offering this service, you must exploit it because it will often be a free service while if you take your PC to some recycling centres, you will most probably need to pay a recycling fee.

You may take it to the store you bought your PC from and ask if they’ve a recycling programme that enables you to leave it for free with them because you’re a buyer.

understand that in some areas you may be fined for incorrectly dumping your electronic components. So paying a nominal fee to have your components recycled is much less dear than the fine.

There are also corporations that are taking PCs and other parts and dismantling them and removing the valuable substances like gold and even lead and selling for a good profit. They take apart computer monitors and take away the tubes and send them to a recycling plant.

But the rest of the parts are scoured and processed and picked apart for the elements that may be sold back to the producing plants that produce new PCs and other technical devices.

for several years, we might simply toss out our old PC on the curb and let the trash service dump it, but now we all know better, we all know that old PCs and other used electronic components can be a time bomb waiting to explode in our land fills. Now’s the time for us all to take extra care of how we get rid of our used PCs and like components.

I am a computer repair technician . I work for a computer service company. I also own some other web sites like citizen eco-drive watch store.

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