Easy Tricks to Speed Up Your Pc

Most experienced computer users are aware of many assorted ways to fine-tune a machine for the tasks at hand. An operating system will generally include a variety of unneeded tasks that impede your performance in specific programs. Over time, internet use can lead to some significant changes that slow down your machine. When I have to speed up my computer, I use specific tactics that frequently fix everyday problems. Let’s take a look at a few measures that can affect my computer speed.

Get Rid of Unneeded Programs in the Boot Cycle

Your boot process will frequently include many applications. If you are an experienced computer user, you have probably optimized your boot programs and processes to meet the specific needs of your user experience. However, many inexperienced users do not know about this option. When I have to speed up my computer, I make sure to disable all unneeded applications from the boot cycle.

For example, you can use the MSCONFIG command in Windows to pick the programs and processes that your machine automatically runs at start up. As you add extra programs, many will try to hide themselves in your boot processes without your knowledge. You don’t need to use all of your software at the same time. It is prudent to only use boot processes that are needed by the programs that you use. There are some services that are needed for practically every program on your machine. You will have to keep these. Still, you want to get rid of the rest of them. You can just run each program manually as you want to use it. Do a little investigation to figure out which applications you actually need to use during the boot cycle.

Organize Your Hard Drive

One thing that affects my computer speed is the condition of the data on the hard drive. As files are loaded onto the drive, a natural disorganization occurs. many inexperienced computer users do not know about the fragmentation that can plague your hard drive. Files will be located in an ever more disorderly fashion as you download and save extra ones. The most effective way to correct this issue is to defragment your hard drive every so often. This will arrange the files in a more logical fashion, in turn allowing your hard drive to load them quickly. This is one of my favorite ways to speed up my computer.

Get Rid of Temporary Internet Files

Since many people enjoy many websites that use temporary files, it is crucial to delete them every so often. Unfortunately, this can be tricky to do. There are freeware programs that can be used to erase temporary files. These files can hide themselves in your media players and other difficult to find places. Select a reliable freeware program that gets rid of them all and run it every so often.

Defend Your PC Against Malware

Viruses and malware are devastating to my computer speed. Consequently, it is crucial to use programs that work to keep your machine clear of these dangerous and malicious files. Spyware is one of the most common issues that affects system performance. If your machine is loaded with spyware or other harmful programs , you can look forward to it to running very slowly. Everyone should protect their computers from these nasty programs.

In Conclusion

While I personally use many different techniques to speed up my computer, these are the simplest for a inexperienced to perform. However, there are a couple problems that require professional support. If you are having an issue with your pc that can not be solved by these simple steps, consider contacting Geek Choice. They are a nationwide computer service and repair company. They can correct any complex problem that affects your computer’s speed. Talk to a representative at 1-800-GEEK HELP (433-5435) to discuss on-site solutions for your computer needs.

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