Copying Wii Games How To

The Wii is a seriously well-liked gaming system and players can have interaction with the game like never before. The Wii was released in 2006. Currently there may be more than 1000 games for the Wii gaming system. Folk of all ages enjoy Wii gaming and there are games for every age, including some classic games adapted for Wii for everyone in the family to enjoy. The games for the Wii are on disc and are usually fairly dear. Burn wii games to a copy disc to have a backup, in case the first gets damaged or corrupted. In most places, if you own the first game and are only burning a copy for backup it is a legal process.

Before we begin Copying Wii Games

The proper drive should be installed to your computer to burn wii games, it’s the LG816 series, which can be discovered at several online sites for a fair cost. The software needed is Raw dump 2.0, and net Framework 2.0.

Let’s get started
Once this software is installed, insert the Wii game into the CD drive and click on the Raw Dump.exe file to start the software. A window will open in 2 mins that asks “Start Raw Dump?” choose the application option and the software will begin making an image of you game.

This process can take one or two hours. Once this finishes check the properities of the new file made, it should be precisely 4.7Gb. If the file isn’t exactly 4.7 Gb then start the copy process over because it won’t work. Next it’s time to burn the dvd using your burn software, make sure to click the option to burn an ISO image to disc. And this is how to burn wii games.

To play the game just burnt you want a altered SD card or a mod chip. Directions for both functions can be found on many sites.

Before pointlessly wasting time downloadig software that doesn’t work,, make sure you check out a way to Copy Games. You will find out about the best and least costly game copy software availabe online. Visit Game Copy Software

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