Amazon S3 Internet outage unleashes flood of apologies — from others

While Amazon Web Services hasn’t yet issued an apology via its social media channels regarding big problems today with its Simple Storage Service (S3), the company’s customers have turned to Twitter and Facebook to apologize to their own customers — while pointing the finger at AWS.

AWS, via its @awscloud Twitter account, did alert customers that “S3 is experiencing high error rates. We are working hard on recovering.” That was posted a bit after 2pm EST and Amazon has since posted a few updates, including a note about the status dashboard recovering.

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Smartphones to Cloud, world went through many revolutions, Internet of Things is next up

With cloud computing, smart phones, and wireless technology, machines can talk seamlessly to one another. IoT can monitor water usage as well.


Gartner’s 10 Strategic Technologies For Government, 2016 Include Internet of Things, Smart Machines

Gartner forecasts 25B IoT-based installed devices by 2020, with 6.8B alone in smart cities. Smart machines will become a catalyst of Industrie 4.0 adoption across global governments. Spending by national, federal and local governments worldwide on technology products and services is forecast to grow from $ 430.1B in 2016 to $ 476.1B by 2020.

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VW’s Cheating Proves We Must Open Up the Internet of Things

VW’s Cheating Proves We Must Open Up the Internet of Things

It’s been a rough year for code-embedded objects, from fraud to bankruptcy to connected things just not working.

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Question by jerry: How can I copy my internet “Favorites” from my work computer to either my Yahoo mail account or print it?
I have a large collection of websites on my “favorites” list on my work computer.

How can I copy them over to my personal email account with Yahoo?

Or how can I copy them to a document that I can then print out?

Best answer:

Answer by bic
just e-mail the pages to yourself

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HealthStream Announces First Quarter 2012 Results
Revenues from our Internet-based subscription products increased by approximately $ 3.5 million, or 28 percent, over the prior year quarter due to a higher number of subscribers and more courseware consumption by subscribers. Revenues from project-based …
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Need a Flexible Dental Marketing Website? New IDA Web Portals Offer Plenty of
New dental marketing websites from Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) provide plenty of options for generating leads for all of their practice locations and services. (PRWEB) April 22, 2012 For dentists who want a dental marketing dental marketing …
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Google raises 000 bounty on software bugs
SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Monday raised to $ 20000 its bounty on software bugs that hackers could exploit for cyber attacks on the Internet giant's online services. The maximum reward for exposing a vulnerability that would let an intruder's code get up …
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Facebook splashes the cash for AOL patents
The deal came less than two weeks after Microsoft paid the struggling Internet company more than 1 billion dollars for a trove of AOL patents, which Facebook will now be licensed to use. The deal bolsters the alliance between Facebook and Microsoft as …
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Question by zakprior: When i set Vista to “share internet” it uses up lots of my allowance even if nothing is using it?
I use a 3G Orange Stick to connect my PS3 to the internet, however to do this i have to set the connection to “share this connection via LAN”, however when i do this my usage chart says i am using lots of my allowance even though the ps3 is off and i am not on any Internet based programs on my computer. Any ideas on how i stop it from using so much?

Best answer:

Answer by parks
It sounds to me like your security settings are allowing outside users called (piggybacking) to access your connection and using it without your knowledge try increasing your security this will vary depending on software and if your using wep wpa-psk although i don’t use mobile broadband via a doggle i use wireless from a router on a home connection and have to stop neighbours or people in the street or cars outside accessing my connection like a hotspot.

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IsAnyoneUp Is Now Permanently Down
Good news: Your nude photos are far less likely to appear on the Internet alongside a screenshot of your Facebook page. We have covered the “identity porn” site, Is Anyone Up?, extensively here at The Not-So Private Parts, but that ends today.
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Internet sites invite new opportunities to snub the uninvited
In this time of Internet manners, what's a properly brought-up lady to do? Gentle reader: It is still in poor taste. But perhaps you have noticed that there is quite a lot of poor taste material on the Internet, which people post about themselves and …
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Court: Online Bookseller Owes New Mexico Sales Tax
… bookseller must pay more than a half million dollars in taxes for books, music and movies bought by customers in New Mexico, the state Court of Appeals has ruled in a dispute over the state's power to tax corporate chains and Internet shopping.
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Question by : What’s a good comeback for “you can be quiet over the internet”?
You know, when you tell someone to be quiet or stop talking over the internet and they say “Were typing” or whatever. this girl wasmaking fun of depressed people and i said shut up and she said that lol. what do I say?
“Cant be quiet over the internet”*

Best answer:

Answer by venus
Keep it moving.

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New federal Internet privacy standards introduced
By Mike Swift Federal regulators are targeting the lucrative personal information industry that allows marketers to draw an ever more intimate portrait of Internet users. On Monday, the nation's chief privacy regulator capped a two-year study of …
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Newsmangled: In the Internet age, Satre misquote won't go away
“This is how things work in the Internet age,” he wrote for website The Wrap. “A witty writer in Boston sets up a fake quote from the late Jean-Paul Sartre back in 2003 . . . and almost 10 years later the fake quote — 'Hell is other people at …
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Chinese Company and Employee Deny Any Involvement in Hacking Attacks
SHANGHAI — Tencent, a Chinese Internet company, denied on Friday that one of its employees had been involved in a recent breach of computers belonging to Japanese and Indian companies, as well as Tibetan activists. The company and the employee …
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Question by rome: My security keeps telling me.”Someone is trying to access your computer over the Internet”.?
I recently got wireless, roadrunner and a new security called ca. Now every time i go on it says “someone is trying to access your computer over the internet.” Access was denied, it gives me a remote address, and two port #’s. Right now it say’s they tried 18 times. What should i do ? Is it something to worry about? Can someone get into my PC? Thanks…

Best answer:

Answer by Dina M
if u have set up your router with a password no one can access it although they will see your router name if they search for wireless connections i think, i dont think its anything to worry about huni.

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Microsoft Raids Tackle Internet Crime

Microsoft Raids Tackle Internet Crime
Microsoft has a big interest in making the Internet a safer place. Despite inroads made by Apple and others in some parts of the technology business, Microsoft's Windows operating system still runs the vast majority of the computers connected to the …
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EZ-Scam: 2 Brooklyn men busted in internet-based credit card scheme
By Robert Gearty / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS The website had a catchy name, Dr. E-ZPass, but the feds say it was a prescription for fraud — part of a larger $ 6 million Internet-based credit card scam. offered discounted E-ZPass tags using …
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Internet search yields bogus arms parts from China
… US government investigators, using a fictitious company, were able to easily find electronic parts for weapons from China on the Internet and every single item they bought was counterfeit, despite China's pledge to crack down on fake products.
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