When to Suspect Spyware On Your PC

First question – how do you know if there is spyware infecting your computer?

Well, a way of telling is if you begin to see a lot of pop-ups appearing, which were not appearing beforehand. Or, it may be that your PC is suddenly running more slowly than usual. Another way that spyware could show itself is once you start a simple program you will notice that the spyware pops up and weird prompts appear but the program you started is not working.

Nonetheless, do not simply jump to conclusions here simply because your PC is running slow. There could be a number of reasons why your PC is experiencing difficulties. One reason is overheating of your computer – possibly from being over-used. Playing games can be tough on most computers, for example.

In this case, though, we are talking about a hardware issue not a software issue. Spyware does not affect computer hardware, but instead the software. Therefore, if overheating is your issue then spyware is not the issue.

At any rate, so what can you do if you suspect that you have malware or spyware on your PC?

If the issue is an avalanche of pop-ups, you can attempt to stop the pop-ups with a pop-up blocking function. But, this will only eliminate the spyware’s activity rather than stopping it totally. If there is spyware on your computer you really need to get rid of it as it is not simply an annoyance, it could be up to other funny business like logging keystrokes.

Rather than a simple resolution you may want to try a system restore. This is where you reset your PC back to an earlier timepoint, whereby you will remove everything that has been added on your computer since the the point of restoration. In essence, you are going back in time on your PC to the time before you think you picked up the spyware. Through a system restore process, it can be quite effective to get rid of spyware.

Lastly, you could try a method whereby a software program eliminates all spyware from your computer. It’s true that some spyware removal programs cost money but this could be the price to pay for a slow computer remedy. Certainly spending a couple of bucks is better than beating your head against the wall.

There are free spyware removal programs available online, but you must cautious as occasionally spyware/malware is disguised as helpful software! If you decide to go with a free download, be sure to look for some reviews on free programs before you download or you may have a bigger predicament than your original problem.

Malware and spyware are often the problem when someone is experiencing slow PC problems. If you think this may be your issue make certain to address it either with spyware removal software package or some other kind of program.

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