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Why is cloud hosting so special and it is it truly more efficient? A new buzz word has been sailing through the web hosting industry for a couple of years now. That buzz word is cloud hosting and it offers great promise to technology geeks and anyone else who has been seeking a no downtime choice that is scalable and price successful.

A clearer view of cloud computing security now that the haze is gone

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter’s approach.

The cloud is here to stay because most organizations are looking to the cloud for “extension” — the capability to take their business in new directions faster, rather than simply as a method of cost management. And now that the hype haze has disappeared, we have a much clearer picture of how to get the best from the cloud.

This is a crucial time for IT managers. The cloud computing and consumerization (BYOD) technology waves are changing the distribution of IT control: Users are taking more control of the devices they use; business managers are taking more control of the budgets; and service suppliers are taking more control of the data they handle. CIOs and IT managers who want to contribute to their organization’s acceleration in 2012 need to be able to coordinate these different elements in a much wider scope than ever before to retain control. It’s time to adapt or be swept aside.

Everyone loves the cloud

Cloud computing is a term that describes a significant change in the way organisations procure, manage and use IT. It represents a shift away from the concept of building and owning IT as an asset and moving towards a model where applications are hosted by a third party and paid for only when needed.

For a number of years after the term was coined, it remained conceptual, only appearing in the real world as small-pilots. The model has been proven to work now and many organisations are starting to consider it seriously as a method for delivering core business-critical applications into the workplace.

Ben Kepes, Cloud Computing analyst, blogger and Curator of CloudU gives a brief introduction to Cloud Computing, the economic similarities to utility power, the efficient use of computing hardware, scalability and the ability to focus on what matters within a business using Cloud Computing.



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