The Internet Marketing

When hearing the word “marketing”, most people think of “market”, and they are right. In short, marketing can be defined as being a management process aiming at identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers’ requirements profitably. In other words, the ultimate goal is to sell goods at a profit. All major companies organize a marketing campaign before launching a new product on the market because, expensive as it may seem, the company would lose much more money putting on the market a product that would fail to sell.

How has the internet changed the marketing process? The internet has revolutionized many fields and definitely occupies an important place in today’s marketing. It certainly offers some advantages worth considering: first of all, it is much more cost-effective, as it uses very few personnel, there are practically no material costs and, last but not least, it is a lot faster and much more accessible than the classical mass media.

One great contribution is that it can help create awareness of the product, by advertising it. It has become customary to see a lot of advertisements when using the search engines. Its accessibility is a great advantage in this situation. In comparison with traditional mass media – newspapers, magazines, TV and radio broadcasts, whose dialogue with the public is limited to their own target public, the internet has no boundaries, as anyone, from any part of the world, can surf it.

The greatest help comes when it comes to selling, the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign. Very sensitive to any change in the marketing strategies, the business environment has quickly created new instruments, adapted to the new requirements. Thus, there are companies that operate only on the internet, for example to obtain feedback from the customers by means of questionnaires. It has happened to all of us, while surfing on the internet, to see a window opening and inviting us to express our opinion on a certain matter or event by answering a few short questions. Others have specialized in managing internet data bases, organized according to various criteria, which offer prompt information on the companies’ profile, field of activity, products and services offered, contact details and manner of purchasing.

The most important contribution of the internet in this field is the development of the on-line commerce, whose volume is growing faster than ever. It is used for more and more people, and for good reason. You can say good-bye to those long, tiresome shopping sessions, when you wander for shop to shop in search of your desired items. As most shops, whether retail or wholesale, have a website, the access to them is very easy. Sitting comfortably in your armchair, by pressing a few buttons, you have access to any shop in the world: you can see and compare the products and prices, make your choice, and after another click, you will receive your items in a few days, delivered by mail.

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