The Coffee House Letter: The Concept of GPT

What is the Coffee House Letter? It is a letter written by one of the most influential, successful, and well respected Internet Network Marketers in the business. This letter explains why so many people have failed at Multi Level Marketing (MLM), despite their best attempts. It also explains the lack of consistent cash flow due to the perpetual attrition of the down-line. The Coffee House Letter explains that MLM is difficult because of the “hand holding” and the extraordinary time that it takes for a down-line to develop and gain momentum. It ventures into the difficulty of building a down-line that is loyal to their company. What happens with a non-loyal down line? You lose control of your business! Control is in the hands of your down line. You have no way to control the actions of your down line, therefore, you are at their mercy and this typically leads to disaster. There is a better way, the concept of GPT, explains The Coffee House Letter.

It really is as simple as knowing what GPT stands for and learning how to actually apply it. GPT stands for ‘Get Paid Today’ and it represents a total shift in thinking and in the way you should operate your business. GPT truly is the answer to the long-time pain and frustration of tiny MLM checks that frustrate so many people in all forms of network marketing.

G.P.T. is also a powerful solution to help build large organizations with real momentum and having potentially hundreds of reps on your team to enable you to develop and sustain a significant income and successful business.The concept of “Get Paid Today” allows online entrepreneurs to selectively work with only a small group of people each month while still earning substantial incomes. This can occur because you are effectively being paid for a year or two (or more of normal, traditional) commissions up front right when an individual first joins. This means you can afford to work with far fewer people.

It’s an absolutely brilliant and forward looking concept that new and established online marketers and people in the home based business arena can use to quickly establish executive level incomes, usually in the first year or two [or sooner] into their endeavor.

Why anyone would bother with old-school traditional multi-level marketing companies and their low tier products and low actual incomes is a mystery… when you can earn high dollar payouts immediately with a direct sales company using the GPT business model.

Does the concept of Get Paid Today and The Coffee House Letter sound worth a quick read? If so, click here! I definitely found it worth reading.

Read the Controversial, Yet Filled with Common Sense, Coffee House Letter, then visit to find the best advice on

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