Bright Computing to Exhibit at HPC for Wall Street – Cloud & Data Centers Show & Conference

… and OpenStack clouds, announces it will be exhibiting at the 2016 HPC for Wall Street – Cloud & Data Centers Show & Conference on April 4, 2016, …


Internet Exiles Stores On Main Street

Internet Exiles Stores On Main Street
Nearly all those businesses are under threat from the Internet. There's nothing new about this. Bookstores have been going under for a couple of decades now. But reports that former corporate giant Eastman Kodak will seek bankruptcy protection serve as …
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Internet poker not likely a jackpot for state, Gov. Jerry Brown says
Jerry Brown is not betting that a proposal to legalize Internet poker in California will get the state out of its budget mess. A group of casino operators, including some Indian tribes, has proposed that the state sanction gambling websites and say it …
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Question by Harry A: What wrestler would you say “internet” fans overrate the most?
There’s quite a few wrestlers that get put over WAY TOO much by internet “geeks”. People that, from how they’re taked about, you would think they’re the next Ric Flair.

Personally, I think Nigel McGuiness gets put over too much. He’s great, no doubt, but he needs specific opponents to be great. You couldn’t put him in there with RelliK and expect a classic…

Who do you think get’s overrated too much?

Best answer:

Answer by reignjah
JOHN CENA! …he cant wrestle!

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