Pokémon GO's Articuno Day: How To Beat And Catch Articuno

Credit: Niantic Labs

Articuno in Pokemon GO.

Articuno is back once more, but it’s shiny this time. The Ice and Flying-type legendary bird was one of the first two legendaries to hit Pokémon GO last summer, but it’s back for three hours only as part of Shiny Articuno Day, the grand prize for the global research challenge attached to the Safari Zone in Dortmund last weekend. It’s Shiny Articuno Day, and that means you’ll have a chance at a shiny version of the creature. It’s not the biggest difference, but, as you know, you’ve got to catch them all. You’ll have to beat it first, however, so read on for what counters to use against Articuno.

Articuno isn’t the toughest fight in the game, but no legendary is a cakewalk. As a rule, Rock, Fire and Electric will serve you well:

Tyranitar: This is going to be any player’s best friend against Articuno. Ideally, you got at least one Smack Down/Stone Edge Tyranitar from community day, because the combination of two rock attacks and Tyranitar’s astronomical attack stat should make short work of any Ice and Flying-type creature. Even if you don’t have Smack Down, any Tyranitar with Stone Edge will still be able to lay down some serious damage.

Golem: Golem is always good, but Golem is particularly good here. Golem was the go-to creature for a double rock attack before Tyranitar got Smack Down for Community Day, and a lot of people still have a bunch of them hanging around for how useful they’ve been in nearly every legendary fight so far.

Omastar: Not as common as Golem, but there are a few more Omastar hanging around after some recent events. Any Omastar with Rock Throw and Rock Slide should have both good damage and survivability. If you can compose a team solely of Tyranitar, Golem and Omastar, do it.

Raikou/Zapdos: The two Electric-type legendaries from last year have similar stats, and both should be excellent attackers against the Articuno’s Flying-type. Legendaries are always a bit tough because you need a lot of rare candy to make them particularly useful, but both of these creatures should be solid counters.

Moltres/Blaziken/Entei/Typhlosion: Just like Electric is useful against Articuno’s Flying-type, so Fire is useful against Articuno’s Ice-type. High-level Fire attackers are going to be able to melt the bird without too much trouble, and all of these should be good options in that category.

After those, just go with Rock, Fire and Electric types–you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

Catching: The catch phase is not so much of a problem here. Articuno is nice and close, with a big wide circle that makes great curveballs relatively straightforward. It does a wing attack and travels upwards occasionally, so just wait for it to finish either motion and then make your move. At that point, it’s in the hands of the RNG, so just do your best.

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