Nice Piano App For IPad

Playing with iPad piano app

The product of IPad’s have massively increase after it’s recent launch few months ago. There is already a massive cue of people wanting to buy this new Apple’s production. But some people are still doubting the need of this product as they think it is just the larger version if IPod touch. On the other hand it does have really handy pianos apps like digital pianos and keyboard pianos. It is very useful for the people from music industry but is it going to be as useful to others as it is for people in music industry?

I have seen few TV programs use the likes of IPad such as in news and F1, but I cannot see it being used anywhere else? Would you really download Skype on IPad and use it as a telephone? I don’t think anyone would (I might :op). Because of IPad’s size you cannot carry it in your pocket like a phone. On top of that when you do buy an IPad everyone wants to touch it and play with it and the screen gets dirty quickly.

One of my colleague recently told me that one of his mate had IPad too and he uses it to do his work on the way to his office on the train. My colleague told me his mate does his musical work and as soon as I heard musical I just knew I shouldn’t have wasted that much money in buying an IPad which will never come in good use for me. Now the idea I have just given about downloading Skype on IPad might actually be a good one as I can use Skype to chat to my friends and family in different countries, while I am travelling and also without having to worry about the phone bill. This is a great idea and I have already downloaded Skype on my IPad. Don’t ask me why I bought it though because I do regret spending that much money.

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