Market Samurai Keyword Analysis Tool

Market Samurai is a tremendous keyword research tool for internet marketers that are looking to find golden nugget keywords.

Market Samurai is a tremendous keyword research tool for internet marketers that are looking to find golden nugget keywords.

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Market Samurai’s keyword analysis tool makes keyword research easy and fun to do. This tool helps marketers uncover the secret profitable keywords that will help them get their content to the top of the search engines. The problem that a lot of marketers are up against is that they don’t do proper keyword research before they submit content onto the internet.

A lot of marketers think that if they do basic keyword research their content will show up on the 1st page of the search engines. They have been severely mistaken. There are many other important factors that go into proper keyword research and if you miss even one of these areas you are wasting your time even submitting your content to the search engines.

Proper keyword research is critical if you want to achieve top seo rankings. Market Samurai will teach you how to find the profitable keywords that will launch your content onto the top of the search engines.

This is the typical steps that internet marketers follow when doing keyword research.

The first thing that marketers do is search for a specific keyword using a keyword tool such as Wordtracker or Google’s tool. The next thing they do is search for a keyword term. For this example let’s use the search term “keyword tool.”

Once they’ve received the results back for “keyword tool,” they see that it’s searched 823,000 times a month in Google’s keyword tool.

If you want to rank for this particular keyword term then it’s going to be very difficult to do because of the high search count and competing websites. So in this case marketers would target a longer tail keyword instead. Let’s use the term “keyword analysis tool search engine” as the long tail keyword that they might use instead. This keyword is only searched 880 times a month.

So now that they realize that they might me able to compete for this keyword they go and research their competition in Google.

When they search for the term “keyword analysis tool search engine” with quotes around the keyword, there’s only 33,200 competing sites in Google. They think that they have a realistic shot at ranking on the 1st page of the search engines with this level of competition.

The next step that they take is they check to see if there are paid ads on the right side of Google which shows that they keyword is profitable.

So now they have a long tail keyword that’s profitable, searched a reasonable amount of times a month, and there’s not a lot of competition.

So it looks like they are going to rank on the first page of Google with this keyword, right? Absolutely not. This is where internet marketers end up failing and their competition is burying them.

There are a lot of other important steps that you need to take when doing keyword research. If you miss out on any of these other factors then you will miss out big time.

You are just wasting your time posting content online if you don’t know about your competition. Market Samurai will reveal all of these areas of competition to you and will save you countless hours of painful keyword research.

Market Samurai is a keyword analysis tool that’s used to find the golden nugget keywords that will uncover your competitors weaknesses. To find out more information about this keyword research tool visit Market Samurai.

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