How To Backup Your PST File

Now let’s talk about how to backup PST file.

  • Manual copy of the PST file

The easiest way to backup your PST file is to simply copy it to another location. Here repair pst file you will learn how to repair your PST file. In Windows XP, the PST file is located at:

C:/Documents and Settings/%username%/Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook/

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, this location is:


After that, just copy the file you will find at the previous location to: another folder, or another file, or some USB flash drive, or some external hard disk, or to a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

In case of some system crash so to restore the data, open your Outlook, go to ‘File’ – ‘Data File Management’ and click the ‘Data File’ tab. Check here how to backup pst file to learn how to backup pst file, and here corupt pst how to repair corrupt pst file. Browse for your backup file and open it.

  • To use the PST file – Different Location

If your Windows is going to crash, the files (and folders) on your C drive will become compromised. So it is a good thing indeed to move the PST file to a different drive and set the Outlook path (for the file) to that different drive. To do that, close Outlook, transfer the PST file from that default folder (see above) then restart Outlook then search for that new location upon seeing the prompt.

Rename your old Outlook file to something different (use a different file extension) so it will be easy to retrieve it if something is to happen to the relocated file.

  • Import and Export

If you want to export your personal folders from Outlook, and reimport them after a while, it is possible to do that. Using the above way, you will be able to export your PST file to a different (and secure) location on your hard disk. After you can re-import that file if needed. If you want to export the PST file: in Outlook, go to ‘File’ – ‘Import and Export’. In the dialogue box that comes up, choose Export to a File. Then in the next window, choose ‘Personal Folder File (.pst)’. On the following dialog box, choose the folders you need to export. Be sure to keep the ‘Include subfolder’ checkbox ticked so all your subfolders, and folders, are included in the file you will export. Then on the next window, simply choose a name for the file you want to export and browse to its new location.

To import datas from the backup, go to ‘File’ – ‘Import and Export’ then on the Dialogue box, choose ‘Import from another program or file’. Next, choose Personal Folder File (.pst). Navigate to your backup file then import it. After that, the old configuration from that old file will be applied to your Outlook.

  • How to use the add-in part of the PST file backup

Included with Outlook, you will find a free add-in that enables you to backup your PST file with a single click, thanks to Microsoft. Simply download and install the add-in known as Personal Folders Backup from Microsoft. You will then get a new option (“Backup”) on your ‘File’ menu. With this nice add-in, you can backup the files and folders you really want to besides how many times and when (the frequency) of such backups.

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