Cloud computing visionary passes away

Cloud computing visionary passes away
The man who first proposed the notion of cloud computing passed away over the weekend aged 84. John McCarthy's death was announced by Stanford University in the US where McCarthy was a member of the computer society faculty. …

Cloud Computing: SaaS House Workday Picks Up an Million Round
Meanwhile, Workday is integrating with Zuora, the cloud-ified subscription billing and commerce start-up, reportedly because of customer demand. Workday says, "The traditional ERP model was product-centric with a focus on procurement. …
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Everything Channel CEO: Changing Business Models Is Key To Success In Cloud
By Steven Burke, CRN The progressive solution providers that expect to succeed in the cloud computing services era are two times more likely to have changed their business model in the last five years. That was one of the big takeaways in a keynote …
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Cloud computing could transform car interiors
by Automotive News October 25, 2011 5:00 AM PDT Access to the "cloud," through a wireless Internet connection in a car, has automakers thinking out of the box. Potential features go far beyond present uses of in-car Internet access. …
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Question by Kevin: What the heck is “cloud computing” in layman’s terms? and why is it “the future”?

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Answer by fedia_fedia
Your computer will be remote.

All calculations will be done on a fast server, and you’ll just receive the visual information.

it’s the future because it’s extremely universal, you’ll be able to run any app, any game, any file on any device with internet or a screen. Crysis 2 on iPhone is more likely than you think.

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