Cequel Data Centers Acquires Web Host Perimeter Technology

Cequel Data Centers Acquires Web Host Perimeter Technology
By Nicole Henderson, November 02, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Cequel Data Centers (www.cequel3.com) announced on Wednesday that it has acquired colocation and managed services provider Perimeter Technology (www.perimetercenter.com). …
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HP and CA Technologies Join Data Center Organization Open Data Center Alliance
By Nicole Henderson, November 03, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Data center industry organization Open Data Center Alliance (www.opendatacenteralliance.org) announced on Thursday that HP and CA Technologies have joined the organization. …
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Question by shereefster: Anyone can know what the Yahoo Web hosting “Port number” is ?
im having trouble getting details about yahoo webhosting.. i need to use my own Web design program instead of their default simple one and i cant move without all the details….

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Answer by yo mommma
Well have you heard of Joomla? i make joomla websites here is one example i made for a friend “http://www.sabhack.tk”
first you go to http://www.x10hosting.com create a free account and free hosting. download joomla 1.5 from http://www.joomla.org. then go to ur x10hosting login (after u created an account) go to file manager upload the joomla (its in a zip file; dont unzip it) then extract it in public_html, now go to ur website url (u get this when u register at x10hosting) it should start the installation but dont start it. go to x10hosting again and go to ur cpane>mysql create a database and a user. now your ready. go to ur website url once again then u should know wat to do. the once uget to “database” (in the installation) it will ask u for the host it should be in the cpanel>mysql database and it it written in blue it is on tthe botttom of “create new database” and voila ur done, all u have to do now is edit the site through the administrator which is http://yourwebsiteurl/administrator, then login (by default username is admin) and the password is the pass u chose in the installation. and then get new templates (google them) at first when using joomla it can be a little confusing but i know u will get used to it. i know i did within 2-3 days. CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE THAT I MADE FOR AFRIEND ONLY TOOK ME 1 HOUR TO MAKE http://www.sabhack.tk or http://www.sabhack.exofire.net

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