Antivirus Live – A Threat, Not A Protection Tool

Antivirus Live is the name of an application that claims to protect the user’s computer against threats (like viruses, worms, spyware, and more). This name, like lots of others ones are those of a kind of viruses that will suggest something good while in fact will have a very bad behaviour once on your PC. They are also known as spyware. Each day, lots of PC are infected by such infection. Such spyware is not easy to identify neither to remove from your computer. Check here Antivirus Live Removal to learn how to remove Antivirus Live.

Antivirus Live is usually installed on peoples computers with the help of Trojans and pretends to be an efficient trial for an anti virus program.This site virus protection has good info about virus removal while this one remove spyware will tell you how to remove spyware. With this apparent purpose, the application begins to scan your computer and during the process it creates, modifies and deletes files, the most important changes it makes being the following:

– Once it has infected your PC, this malware will modify the settings of your actual antivirus product. Doing so, Antivirus Live won’t let you detect it if you were to try to do that.

– This badware will let you believe it is doing a system scan of your computer and will show you a long list of viruses, worms and more that has infected your PC. In fact, all those viruses were created by Antivirus Live during that scan.

– Once the scan process is done, this malware will start displaying popups and ads. This way, this program will try to further convince you do need a better security product on your PC. At the same time, this process results in a slowing down of the PCs performance on the long term.

– Once it has done all the previous, this spyware will do something different: it will try to convince you to buy some online registered version saying only the full version can fix your PC from all those problems found.

This application is very annoying as you can read from the previous effects on your PC. You should be careful about those applications like Antivirus Live if you really want to protect your PC against them. But once you did detect this malware is on your PC, there are easy ways for you to clean your computer from it.

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