5 Secrets Of Attraction Marketing That Will Help You Make Money In Network Marketing

Learning how to make money in network marketing is not rocket science when you master the skills of attraction marketing.

Learning how to make money in network marketing is not rocket science when you master the skills of attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing was made popular by an online marketing guru named Mike Dillard, and has literally transformed the way people build their home business opportunity online. Here are five things you can do today to start your attraction marketing campaign.

First, join and participate in at least one forum group dedicated to your business industry. A simple Google or Bing search will net plenty of opportunities for forum groups you can join. Two of my favorites include Wahm.com and Betternetworker.com.

Second, build a free blog at Blogger, Squidoo, or WordPress and share your stories and tips with the global Internet community. These free blog sites come with rules and terms of usage, but if you stay within their guidelines this can be a reliable marketing strategy for building an online following.

Third, be unique in your approach on Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites by helping others learn about the home business industry, without blatantly pushing your program. Do not repreat my mistakes in this area. Be helpful, and always ask yourself whether your post will benefit the community and your followers, or not. Also, never directly post an affiliate link onto your Facebook or MySpace page. This rarely works, and increases the odds of your being banned from the website.

Fourth, write articles and share them online in article directories like EzineArticles and GoArticles. If you can not write an article, look for PLR material that you can download and personalize before submission. One word of warning: when using PLR material, take a bit of effort to make your article unique.

Finally, create and post video tutorials on sites like YouTube that teach your viewers something of value, rather than simply pushing your opportunity. YouTube receives a lot of traffic, and if you can deliver an entertaining, and informative video, you will get traffic to the URL you provide in your video’s description box.

Your efforts in forum posting, blogging, social networking, article writing, and video tutorials will dramatically increase your so-called “real estate holdings.” As Mike Dillard explains in his Magnetic Sponsoring system, every piece of digital content you create online becomes a virtual robot that builds your online presence. Best of all, these robots work 24 hours per day, without taking days off for vacation or sick leave.

Attraction marketing is effective because it allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen industry. As people you associate with online begin to recognize you as an authority, they will naturally turn to you for solutions, and perhaps join your home business opportunity.

Increase your chances of success and finally make money in network marketing using Mike Dillard’s methods of attraction marketing.

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